What a Month Local and Abroad

What a month local and abroad. I have been at several expos and functions. The expo in the Villages was great. I had more interaction with readers than I have ever had. I had about 15 people said they read us. All but one was positive and that was a guy in the Villages that did not agree with one of the writer’s columns, which is fine. The Lady Lake Craft and Business Show under the tent at the St Timothy’s Catholic Church was a great event. Steady crowd from 10 am til 3 pm. I met some new businesses and saw some people I have not seen in a while. It was all fun and good for business.  Commissioner Ruth Kussard  came by to see me. Also Chief McKintrsy came by and said hi. There were also others commissioners that were in the crowd but I did not see them. Honey Baked Ham was selling sandwiches. They were very good and at a reasonable price. There was a vendor from Tampa that had shawls that were really something. They would make Christmas gifts.

Got a phone call from a guy that said he pick up our paper in Aldi and read it even though he did not agree with all that was written he like the paper. We are pleased to be acknowledged. One of our advertisers stood at a business meeting and thanked us for the business profile that we did and said “You would not believe how far reaching our publications are!”

I belong to several business groups. The Ocala Business Leaders meets every Wednesday morning at 7 am at the Elks Club. Show up a little early and ask for Tom Loury. OBL has a respected spot in the community. We give out College scholarships, help families who could use a little help at Christmas, etc. We also share information about all our members to everyone we meet. I miss one week a month, it is usually the first Wednesday, a month when I go to pick up my papers. I’m at most of the other meetings. The other club I’m in is the Select Business Associates. They meet every Wednesday at the Silver Springs Restaurant. Debra Jenkins and I founded the club some years back. It is best described as a social Business club with an emphasis on “Business.” We are helping a family of nine by furnishing a completely cook dinner for Thanksgiving. They are thrilled!

Congratulations to Carl Zalak. He is celebrating a 7-year work anniversary as County Commissioner.

I agree with everything that Trump has done over seas. Especially where the leader (no names) said Trump was old, and Trump responded in his usual way: “I did not call him was short and fat”. Great counter punch! Those leaders over there just don’t know what to think of Trump and in my opinion that is a good thing. Some of the radical left continues to try to impeach Trump based on what?  Not “law” but on rules they made up. I can’t believe the intelligent ones go along with the ignorance of it all. They are the new clowns in town! I’m not talking about all democrats. I’m talking about the radical faction that continues to obstruct and stir the pot.

There is a letter to the editor in this paper that makes good sense: about the Fair Tax. The statement that makes the most sense is “A 19th Century tax system cannot keep up with a 21st Century America.”

There is to much hate in this country on both sides. Coming up with sexual harassment allegations weeks before an election is really not the way to run the country. There should be a time limit on it of one year that it could be brought up, because in ten years a lot of the evidence is gone.. The victim or the accused can’t prove much. Anyone can accuse anyone of anything, careers and lives are ruined.