Walking Tall

By TomL

Once in a while you will see a person emerge that is special. He or she will have the energy of many people, sleep very little, work very smart and very hard. There is one very visible at the moment Donald Trump, President of the United States and he is walking tall. Some of the little weasels are scurrying around in the underbrush and some are standing on a stump telling lies trying to bring him down to their size. As long as he is alive he will never do that. I hesitate to use the words United States. Right now our states are not united. Usually you can tell the good guys from the bad guys. Today it’s hard to tell. The people that investigate the bad guys have used illegal methods, so what do we do now. We do the right thing. We follow truth and justice no matter where it goes. We follow our laws and those who broke them must be punished by our laws. 

When a person like Trump is walking tall among the supposed tough guys, he looks them in the eye and tells it like it is and they can’t believe he says it plain leaving no question.  Trump is lucky that he has his family around him so when he gets that lonely empty feeling it’s not so bad.

What he must be feeling reminds me of one Sunday afternoon I was at the hunting camp and I heard a dog barking where there was not supposed to be a dog so I picked up my gun and started walking in that direction. When I left camp there were only two trucks, mine and there was one guy who was taking a nap. I walked in the direction of the sound of the barking for a long time and started walking in some water so after about twenty minutes I realized I was lost and in a swamp. I was not scared but concerned. I decided to walk toward the sun which was setting to the west in a straight line and sooner or later I would hit a dirt road. The water was now up to my waist. I was climbing over down trees from who knows when. It was getting dark and now I really was getting concerned because no one knew where I was. That was an empty feeling! About 30 minutes after dark I came out on what look like a dirt road. There was a barbwire fence and I knew about where I was but I was miles from camp. So I started walking. After about twenty minutes I saw some parking lights from a vehicle. It was the guy who was taking a nap. He had decide to wait until I came out of the woods. I was really glad to see him and told him so. He gave me a ride back to my truck and I had a story to share the next week around the campfire. But if you have never felt an empty feeling before, some day you will.

Trump needs our support and he needs it now. Yes he made a lot of people mad during the campaign and some through his life but he is the best thing we have going for us. There is no one that can do better. He has a few rough edges but is walking tall for you and me! Show him support!