Publisher’s Notes May 2018

Each year for the eight years of Obama we have hung our heads, ate humble pie and have been taken advantage of by Russia, China, Mexico and more.

The argument today is between Trump, the media, the Democrats and a few Republicans in a power struggle. In my opinion the media other than Fox News and a few others is owned by the Democrats backed billionaires. The real money behind the media is Socialism which believes in taking money from the rich and giving it to the poor even if they are not working and not trying to better themselves. These people have gotten very wealthy with this system. They bought up media to spread their propaganda. When they can’t find something bad about the opposition candidate they make it up, FAKE NEWS! 

Russia has been influencing and manipulating our important decisions through hacking, spying, buying influence thru campaign funds and etc.  Russia has also been creating unrest in countries they would like to take over.

China using cheap labor, low taxes, and using the large population which is buying power, take over businesses/factories. After China takes controlling interest of the factory it takes the technology. China has steel, aluminum, plastics and many other supplies for the factories, which boost their economy. Then they wedge themselves between the buyer and supplier and mark up the cost to the consumer. They also tax the export much higher than we do. That will change.

Mexico has been letting their people come across the borders, allowing immigrants from other countries to cross their country to cross our border. In the meantime the cartels are bringing drugs across our border to sell, steeling young women on both sides of the border and turning them into sex slaves. They are also charging large amounts of money to guide immigrant across our border. Many illegals die on the trip or disappear.

Trump is fighting all of this while the Democrats are obstructing him at every turn. Even some of his own party is misleading him and he still goes on. We are seeing some Congressmen and Senators trying to help and pushing back by demanding documents and information to help clean the swamp. Many of our worst fears came true, we have some bad politicians. I think most are good but some are self-serving or they attach things to bills to get money for their state funds, which they themselves use.

If we look back: Before Obama we had no ISIS, before Obama we had no BLM, before Obama we had no ANTIFA, before Obama we had no war on cops. Obama and Hillary took advantage of the black vote and now under Trump more Blacks are working than ever before.


Planned Parenthood kills 300,000 babies a year and the dems will supply them with $500,000,000 of our tax money to help kill them. The NRA receives zero government funds and they don’t kill anyone, it’s the people who were never taught the value of life that’s doing the killing. IT STARTS AT HOME!