Several months ago we ran a picture of Bob Irwin of Bob’s Coins and Jewelry in Summerfield Florida catching his record fish. It was the largest marlin the captain’s boat had caught off Aruba. The Caption estimated the fish to be 500 lbs and 12 ft long. The marlin was caught in record time 17 min 49 seconds. The fish ran under the boat to cut the line on the prop 7 minutes into the fight. The prop then spun the line around enough times to reconnect the line to itself and continue the fight. At 17 minutes 44 seconds as the mate bent down to unhook the fish the stainless steel hook snapped and the fish released itself! The first and only stainless steel hook to ever break on that boat!

What an adventure‼  Bob’s fish replica is now on display at Bob’s Coin & Jewelry. It’s located at Spruce Creek Terrace Shoppes.


As the mercury climbs as we head into summer, I thought it appropriate to discuss heat-related illness for this edition of the newsletter. In Central Florida, we enjoy warm weather almost year-round, but during the summer months, heat can cause serious health issues especially for the very young and the not-so-very young, too. Across the United States, many people die from heat-related illnesses, and many more are hospitalized with life-threatening conditions. Heat stroke and heat exhaustion are two heat-related illnesses that are both emergencies. The good news is that heat-related illness can be prevented. Practicing a few simple tips can help keep you cool and healthy during the hot spells. But first, let’s explore the difference between heat stroke and heat exhaustion with a little consultation from our Emergency Medical Services partners from Lake County and the Villages Public Safety Department. [Read more…]

Just Dandy Pet Parlo

Lady Lake, FL  July 6,2018 –  The Lady Lake Area Chamber of Commerce awarded Just Dandy Pet Parlor with The Chamber Super Hero Award in recognition of their work with the Town of Lady Lake animal control and other local adoptions agencies, fostering and adopting out homeless animals from their business.

Just Dandy Pet Parlor is owned and operated by Jean Oliver and is located at 978 Bichara Blvd. On any given day you will find cats or dogs in her lobby looking for their forever home. Just Dandy also accepts donations of all pet supplys that she then distributes to our local humane societies.

Pictured L to R:  Leslie DeCesare, Marketing Lady Lake Area Chamber, Jean Oliver, owner of Just Dandy Pet Parlor, Donna Oates, Chamber Ambassador

The Lady Lake Chamber Nothing But Networking

  The Lady Lake Chamber has an event each month that encourages Businesses to network. They call it “Nothing But Networking” and it is held at different area restaurants that can accommodate 40 to 50 people. Pictured here after I had just handed out free Village Spectators newspaper’s to all attendees. This table playfully held up our papers, which made a great picture for me to promote the paper. Thanks to all at the table! If you are interested in knowing more about the Lady Lake Chamber call 352-753-6029


You Can Write Your Book!

Writers to Benefit from Editor’s Expertise

Many writing workshops are taught by writers, but Ocala-based editor Karin Nicely will be approaching the process from a different point of view.

“A lot of programs encourage authors to just get their story down without structure or planning—in other words, utilizing freewriting techniques. But that can result in some serious issues, which often become time-consuming and costly to fix at the editing stage.”

Ms. Nicely, who has worked with publishing houses such as Prentice Hall and Southwestern Collegiate, now works primarily with independent authors in several genres. With her writing workshops, to be held locally in The Villages, she hopes to make the road from concept to writing to publishing easier and more enjoyable for her clients.  [Read more…]


“Those who have not learned from history are doomed to repeat it.”  That is especially true with hurricanes.   Even though forecasting methods and tools are improving year after year, people are still at great risk if they are not prepared.

Experience has taught us that the best thing to do before a hurricane is prepare, so you can be confident during a storm that you’ve done everything you can to keep your family safe. As your Chief of Police, I want you to know that during a hurricane, you can depend on the resilience and resourcefulness of the men and women of the Lady Lake Police Department.

As a local law enforcement agency, we work year-round with our local, county, state and federal partners to improve our response, cooperation and communication during hurricanes. Just as we at the police department plan for unexpected weather emergencies, there is plenty you can do to make yourselves, your families and your homes ready for hurricane season. Don’t wait for a storm to threaten. [Read more…]

Nothing But Networking Luncheon

Pictured here are business people at the “Nothing But Networking Luncheon” sponsored by the Lady Lake Chamber held at Eaton’s Beach. The businesses come once a month and get to know something about the other business people attending and tell them about their business. The luncheon was well attended. The food was great. Eaton’s Beach is right on a lake. If you have not tried their food  look them up.

Business To Business Expo

Business To Business Expo was held at Water Oak Club House and was sponsored by the Lady Lake Chamber. The Business to Business started a few years back. It is not open to the public,  just participating businesses. There were eight rows of vendors. The first four rows would go spend a set amount of time at the other four rows. Each time the timer went off you would advance to the next vendor. The vendor would talk to the business people in front of them until the timer went off again and they would advance to the next vendor. It can get kind of complex but it was well organized by Sue Kelley and the Chamber volunteers. The pictures here are just a few of the businesses. [Read more…]

Nothing But Networking

Lady Lake Chamber “Nothing But Networking” was held this month at Eaton’s Beach. It was a packed crowd.

Business to Business Expo

Pam Jones, that works at Congressman Daniel Webster office, sang the National Anthem to kick off the Business to Business Expo. The Expo was a great success. There were 55 businesses represented there.