You Can Write Your Book!

Writers to Benefit from Editor’s Expertise

Many writing workshops are taught by writers, but Ocala-based editor Karin Nicely will be approaching the process from a different point of view.

“A lot of programs encourage authors to just get their story down without structure or planning—in other words, utilizing freewriting techniques. But that can result in some serious issues, which often become time-consuming and costly to fix at the editing stage.”

Ms. Nicely, who has worked with publishing houses such as Prentice Hall and Southwestern Collegiate, now works primarily with independent authors in several genres. With her writing workshops, to be held locally in The Villages, she hopes to make the road from concept to writing to publishing easier and more enjoyable for her clients. 

Workshop attendees will benefit from on-site seminars prior to or during their writing process followed by personalized editing services for their finished manuscripts.

She commented, “Many people have important stories to tell, whether fiction or nonfiction, and it is wonderful to help them get those stories out to the public. My workshops will provide a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere where even first-time authors can learn more about the writing process, ask questions, and talk with other writers.”

In addition, Ms. Nicely, owner of Writing Nicely, can connect attendees with page designers, cover artists, and publishers to help make their dream of publishing their own book or e-book a reality.

For more information on upcoming workshops, contact Karin Nicely at 352-390-4818 or [email protected]