Serious Business

Friends, some very serious questions will be answered by you this November and never have the prospects for Florida’s future been in more stark contrast as we are looking at two very different visions in the Governor’s race. Ron DeSantis (R) represents a solid free enterprise, strong Florida and strong America plan, based on close alignment with our President’s worldview. It is a path of protecting core American values of faith, family, freedom and opportunity. This path has led to unprecedented economic stability, job growth, low unemployment, government financial stability (Florida is currently #1), lowest violent crime rate in 47 years, and significant investments in making capital welcome. In polarizing contrast, the Tallahassee Mayor Gillum is a far left socialist democrat who is openly proposing higher taxes, more central control of government, and is closely aligned with George Soros and his post-America globalist worldview. Meanwhile, no one is seriously addressing the Mayor’s corruption concerns, mismanaged storm recovery, and high crime rate (highest in the State of Florida) that is plaguing the City of Tallahassee under Gillum’s regime.

On November 6, you will answer these three questions. First, who do we want to lead our State as Governor, Attorney General, Commissioner of Agriculture, and Chief Financial Officer? Second, will we maintain conservative majority leadership of the Florida Senate, Florida House of Representatives and the U.S. Congress? Finally, what will Florida’s Constitution look like after you weigh all the proposed amendments? (when in doubt, vote NO!)

Our State and our Country are counting on you! Your vote has never mattered more.

Senator Dennis Baxley