Publisher Notes June 2018

What have we learned from the Forest High School shooting? During a conversation with a nurse this last month, we were talking about what we learned from this shooting suspect at Forest High School. Sources say most of our resources were at Forest High when the call came in that there was another student with a gun at West Port High School. The school was locked down, the student had a gun but was not attempting to use it. Meanwhile the person that I talked to said she received a call stating the school her daughter was at was in lockdown, her daughter was safe and in the background there were people hollering, sirens blaring. Things sounded like chaos in the background. This would be easy to fix. The parents need to know if things are under control. Don’t give them a heart attack. Maybe an automatic dialing system and a brief message without the background noise.

For those of you that have not watched the video interview of the suspect in the Forest High School shooting, watch it on You will see the true story.

I ask again: what did we learn? A statement from the gunman who was nineteen said “I was surprised how easy it was to walk into the school and go into a bathroom.” He said “no one tried to stop me!”  We have learned from other incidents, if a person wants to get attention, they can get a gun, knife, hammer, car or just a blunt object. They will get attention which is what they really want. When these incidents happen we should report the news for 24 hours then shut it down and let the investigation take place, instead of talking about it every day for months. When we teach high schoolers and college students about shooters maybe we should not tell them to run and hide. Tell them to use their heads. It’s very possible they might be standing right next to the shooter before they run and hide. I don’t know what the answer is but this Forest High shooter should not have been able to get a gun. He was Baker Acted when he was 14 years old for the same thing.  Talk about doing something stupid. Makes you wonder????

While I am on the gun issue, let’s talk people who leave the big city and move to rural Marion County. I think it is against the law to target practice in your yard unless you have a certain amount of land. If a bullet ricochets and hit someone or an animal you are liable and it is a felony. I have asked for the statue but I am not an attorney. I would like law enforcement to say if you have 5 acres and a qualified backstop you can shoot and make them permit it. If there is a call about bullets buzzing by neighbors, something should happen but right now nothing does.

Turnpike Authority strikes again. They have added the word Enterprise to their title. Anyway check out the story in this paper about the Coastal Connector.

There seems to be a lot food product/food recalls. Go to “Recall Alert” google it and check it out. There is more on that site than I ever thought would be there. I think it’s coming largely from Foreign Countries.

Marion County hits state and national news. Marion County K9 deputy Jeremie Nix saved a three months old child. The baby’s mother flagged down the deputy who was on his way home from work. He went into action using some lifesaving methods which were not working so he put the baby in his patrol car and rush him to the hospital where they stabilized him.

Teacher suspended after drowning raccoons. A local FFA teacher drown two Raccoons and an Opossum after they had killed Chickens that the students were raising for an FFA project. Drowning them was probably a bad choice but maybe giving them to a Florida Wildlife Officer might have been better. I know on my Farm we had a raccoon go into our chicken pen and kill a number of our chickens. I could maybe understand it if he was eating them but he was just killing  them. He was stopped! I think this will blow over but the teacher did not handle it correctly. Don’t make the students a part of the action. From what I understand the Florida Wildlife is looking into the incident. Put a letter in his file and let him go back to teaching!