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    • Publishers Notes July 2019
      The oldest computer can be traced back to Adam and Eve. Surprise! It was an Apple. It had extremely limited memory. Just one byte. Then everything crashed. Sanders, Harris, Booker and Warren are pushing the Democratic party off the cliff and re-Identifying the Party. I was a lifelong Democrat coming from my Family upbringing. This […]
    • Charges Dropped on School Bus Driver!
      By TomL Several months ago I wrote a story about a School Bus Driver that was charged wrongfully. She was charged with Child Abuse, was arrested, lost her job of 30 years, was humiliated and her picture was on the internet in Marion County prison attire. Here is how it went down. Two male teachers […]
    • The cost of Socialism in other countries
      NATION                 INCOME TAX                         SALES TAX             PRICE OF GAS Germany                     47%                                        19%                   $6.00 per gallon England                      47%                                         20%                  $6.10   “      “ Italy                            45.8%                                      22%                  $6.84   “      “ Greece                        65%                                         24%                  $6.83   “      “ This is what the democrats want to pass. The countries that have this structure are […]
    • Publishers Notes June 2019
      Someone needs to tell the Democrats to stop investigating and start investing in our country. It’s time to stop acting like children. Our country and our values are at stake. I really think they are afraid of what the AG is going to uncover. We might be surprised about how high it goes. The Democrats […]
    • Are School Bus Drivers Being Thrown Under The Bus?
      by TomL There are so many incidents about school bus drivers that were thrown to the wolves, I decided to write about it. The schools in our country are riddled with children that should have a different environment, not the school system. Children that can’t learn for one reason or another are put into a […]
    • Are we looking at what is becoming the United States of Amazon?
      By Peter W. Wagner Being part of a community – be it a town, neighborhood, church or social/service organization – was just about everyone’s desire when I was growing up as the youngest of two boys in a traditional family of four. A dozen years later, when my wife and I were starting our first […]