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    • Chinese Influence in our Universities
      By TomL It is said there are many Universities in the United States that receive monetary gifts (money) from China. We are talking about more than a one hundred. Many of the Colleges are required to disclose the donation. This means a Communist Country has influence over the education of some of our finest…There are […]
    • Publisher’s Notes July 2020
      This month Trump donated his quarterly $100,000 presidential salary to rebuild our Military Cemeteries. I have not seen this in the news. Maybe they think it is not a big enough salary? There is nothing that can explain how Donald Trump is still standing after the cruelest and most unrelenting attack that any leader of […]
    • Publisher’s Notes June 2020
      By TomL They worry about China, Russia and other countries manipulating our elections! What about our food source, our water supply, our medical supplies, our power grid and manipulation of our oil supply. I am hearing we have a shortage of Beef product for Wendy’s restaurant because at the slaughter house processing plants many employees […]
    • Mourning the Loss of Lives Lost to the Coronovirus
      Our flag is at half-staff to mourn the loss of our fellow Americans that lost their lives from the Coronavirus. We mourn the loss of our first responders, doctors, nurses and medical team members that died trying to save lives. We pray for the Medical team members trying to save lives. We pray for our […]
    • Florida Job Crash
      By Tom Loury Unemployment access is almost impossible. I interviewed one person that started filing five days before any results in answering the questionnaire to receive unemployment. This person might be eligible time start two week from filing, time starts then two weeks pay, then file employment efforts every two weeks to receive a two […]
    • Publishers Notes May 2020
      Easter was good. It was just a small part of our family not the 25 we originally planned, but for good reason. We had a one child Easter egg hunt for my grandson. He was happy and we had a nice meal for five of us. It is our duty to make sure that those […]