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    • The President Phone Calls
      by Staff Writer President Trump called the newly elected Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskyto to congratulate him. While he was on the phone they talked about a number of things. During the infamous phone call Trump ask him if he was looking into the Biden matter. From what I have been told he did not say […]
    • Restaurant Review October
      Mojos Ocala Florida next to Target On the menu Houndog and steamed vegetables. Houndog is a huge hot dog wrapped in bacon and fried. Was great! Olive Garden Inverness Fl, Hwy 44 between Inverness and Crystal River Shrimp Scampy, bread, tossed salad, coffee was not hot enough for me. Everything else was great. Terry’s Restaurant […]
    • Along Came Trump!
      Impeachment of the President…Do you know why the President wants the left to officially vote to impeach him? Because the Republicans can put all those people that have been making up stories and lying about the President under oath and if they lie under oath they could go to jail. It is not an official […]
    • Mock Impeachment Hearing
      By Staff Writer Mock Impeachment Hearing is being attempted with no right to a fair trial. The witness (whistle blower) loses all credibility if they cannot be cross examined by President’s Attorneys. They can’t keep a witness anonymous, they must be cross examined. Pelosi and Schiff are trying to have private committee impeachment, not by […]
    • Gun Control????
      by Tom Loury The American hunter is the largest army in the World! Texas Gun owners is the largest  army in the world by itself. I think it’s safe to say there are millions of armed Americans ready to defend their homes and their country. That is why we are not invaded. They will try […]
    • Tax Increases for The Villages of Sumter County.
      By TomL An angry crowd packed the Savannah Center Villages when residents of Sumter Villages and other areas came to voice their opinions about a 25% tax increase. County Administrator Bradley Arnold said Budget increases include 34 million for repair of Morse and Buena Vista Blvd. and other area problems. The total tax increase: 250 […]