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    • Publishers Notes March 2019
      We had some sad news this month. We lost a good friend, Vince Cribbs, the Vice President of Operations of the Printing Plant. We met him many years ago when he first started printing our papers. He has personally overseen our printing. He was working in his workshop at home when there was an explosion. […]
    • From TomL February 2019
      Tom Davis from Blood South Blood Bank said “The accident claiming all those lives on I-75 recently wiped out their supply of blood.” “Please give blood!” I see Marco Rubio was in town visiting. Not my favorite Politician. Ask me why? [email protected] Dunnellon Fl., Lake Tropicana: There is still a cloud over a report of […]
    • A Cloud Looms over the Town of Lady Lake When Chief Leaves
      By TomL On January 23 the normal Lady Lake commission was called to order and the floor was opened to public discussion. Before anyone from the public could respond, Commissioner Hannon asked for the floor. Mayor Richardsons said it was highly unusual but gave approval. Commissioner Hannon said he was saddened that Chief McKinstry quit. […]
    • Government Shutdown Considerations
      Spoken on the internet One janitor that works for the State Department worries about paying bills. One person laid off had lunch with others that were laid off. One person considered growing a shutdown beard. One said tweet Trump about shutdown (pro or con). One Park Ranger’s wife says they have two children and don’t […]
    • Publishers Notes January 2019
      A Veteran at work! Once in a while I like to help give a business a boost by highlighting the owner with a picture or some comments. This month’s spotlight is on George Marshal owner of SIGNS44. I have known George for many years, selling his flags as publisher of the newspapers I believe we […]
    • A True Christmas Story Plus
      By TomL I was at a business meeting where everyone was ask to tell about favorite Christmas. I thought how can I tell my story in short form. I told it and everyone thought it was great but a lot was left out so I decided to write about it and include more of the […]