How Do Civil Wars Start?

By TomL

When two powerful groups of people like the Republican and the Democrats disagree with the results of an election and do everything they can to change the results, or bring down the sitting president. In this case an investigation of collusion was started against Trump and their collusion is not illegal. All this time, over a year, they have searched, finding no collusion so they are now trying to get him on moral grounds again not illegal. I never thought Trump was a goody goody. He was a hard working millionaire playboy who is now President of  the United States and a hard working married man. I think I heard him say once he was not perfect! Now our federal bureau is trying to prove he is not perfect. 

The Democrats are trying to start a Civil War, partly to cover up crimes that some of their leaders have committed. They should be careful what they wish for. If you don’t believe that transfer of power in this country is determined by elections. “That’s a Civil War!”

President Trump declassify all the records in this investigation and let the chips fall where they may. Let the criminals go to jail. Start construction for a big prison right in Washington DC and fill it up!