Forest high School Shooter


The shooter,  Bouche was a nineteen year drop out from Forest High School. It started out by Bouche saying his first memory was of violence. Bouche was also Baker Acted at age 14. He wanted to join the military but could not because of the Baker Act. He bought the gun from an online source and met someone to pick it up. It was a 1930’s model shotgun. He said when he actually got the gun home and he put a shell in the chamber, he got an adrenaline rush. Sources say Bouche wanted to shoot up the school on Friday the 13th but backed out.

Bouche said he put the gun in a guitar case and it was surprisingly easy to walk in, no security, no resource officer, no teacher stopping him. He walked to a bathroom put on his tactical vest, loaded the gun and walked out to the hallway. When a girl (student) saw him she started crying and walking away, he let her go. The adrenaline rush was gone and there was an empty hole. He was confused and did not know what to do, so he shot a door. He did not find out till later that he had shot a student. He said he laid the shot gun down and gave himself up to a teacher. He said a couple of times he was remorseful but did not care what the students thought of him.  Bouche said he could have killed a lot of students but chose not to.