Last month in a bio about Glenn Cove Gallery, owned by Paul Tester (designer), I said it was located in Six Gun Plaza. It is not! It is located in Chelsea Square Plaza and it is normally by appointment only. To make an appointment call business 352-789-6562 or cell 352-615-7435.


The Lady Lake Police Department cannot function effectively without the assistance of concerned, responsible residents.  We are depending on YOU to call and tell us whenever you see suspicious persons or activity.

Some residents fail to call the police simply because they are not aware of what seemingly innocent activities should be considered suspicious. Others may recognize suspicious activity and be hesitant to call for fear of being thought of as the neighborhood “busy-body.”  Yet others simply assume that someone else has already called the police.

Call the police immediately about all suspicious activity – and do it yourself.  Don’t worry about “bothering” the police; it is part of our job to investigate suspicious matters.  Do not worry about feeling embarrassed if your suspicions are wrong; think instead about what could happen if your suspicions are right and you don’t call. [Read more…]

Linemen Encampment

by  Sebrina Hensley

I asked for 100 desserts and you DELIVERED 170+ in 24 hours!!  WOW!!!  Colby Lynn Smith and I were there until after 9:30 (Sept 17) so we were able to see most of the lineman and crew!  They were soooo overwhelmed.  Many said they had worked these for 15-20-30 years and they had never received a gift like this!!  They were so grateful and appreciative!  They were taking pictures and sending home and of course Facebook!!  They said they have received snacks or drinks on the road but had NEVER come back to homemade desserts thanking them!!!

We also got a first class tour of the entire facility and honorary vests!!  This was an amazing experience that I will never forget!!  So many made a point to specifically thank Colby and I.  And I promised to relay it back to you!!!

I was just blown away by them and by their entire facility and crew. [Read more…]

FREE SPEECH for you or me?

by A.J.(Tony) Powell

FREE SPEECH for you or me?

First Amendment – Religion and Expression. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

But attacks on religious freedom have more than doubled in the last few years. Last year there were thousands of hostile attacks in the USA.

These days we are not safe even in public places, schools, churches or even the military.

Not all hostility is physical. People have been fired, refused employment, or fined for speaking out about their beliefs.

Even State Legislatures have been sued for starting their day with a prayer. A high school coach was fired for praying after a football game. He lost his lawsuit  trying to get his job back. [Read more…]

The Artist

Publishers Note: I first met Glen when he attended a Select Business Associates meeting. I could see immediately the talent. I went to his Gallery in the Six Gun Plaza which is by appointment only. You would be amazed by his metal sculptures. Take the time to check this out, especially if you want something special or different or your trying to decorate your office with that special look. Many years ago I bought a sculpture of a fishing boat made of copper. It turns out it was a Glen Cove creation. I was please that I found that connection.

The following is information I saw on a brochure and a fair business profile.

Glen Cove Metal sculptures is an independently owned metal craft business owned by Air Force veteran, Paul Tester. Paul retired from the USAF as an aircraft structural repair technician who also trained many other Japanese and German military personnel in metal working techniques. He eventually resided in Florida and started teaching in the Marion County School system. [Read more…]

Nothing But Networking

Pictured are some of the staff at Eatons Beach were the Lady Lake Chamber held their recent networking event. The food is always great and there is always a sellout crowd. Good job Eatons Beach and Lady Lake Chamber.

Hob Nob

Lady Lake Chamber hold a Hob Nob event. Pictured from left is Sharon Grodzicki, Dennis Dempshar and Sue Kelley of the Lady Lake Chamber at Dempshar’s Restaurant in the Spanish Springs Square. I sampled the food and it was all chef prepared and very tasty.

Pictured are some of the business people at the Lady Lake Chamber Hob Nob event. What is a Hob Nob you say??? It is a group of local businesses assembled by the Lady Lake Chamber, getting together and visiting with each other and talking about their businesses, sharing information while enjoying the hospitality of Dempshar’s Restaurant in the Village. They are located in Spanish Springs on the Square. [Read more…]

Oklawaha Valley Audubon Society of Lake County

Oklawaha Valley Audubon Society of Lake County, FL.  is hosting a guided hike of Lake Apopka’s North Shore and Environs on Saturday September 23rd.  Lake Apopka is a premier birding area in central with over 362 species of birds and as we head into fall season the migratory birds will begin to arrive.   Lorne Kaldorf Malo Regional Biologist at Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission will be  the guide for this hike  beginning at 7:30 am from the St Johns River Management Field house office at 25 633 County Rd  448A in Mt Dora.    The fee for this hike is  $10 for members and $20 for non members. Please contact Stacey Kelley at [email protected] or 352-408-2901 to register. and on facebook


General Population, Special Needs, Pet-Friendly Shelters

Marion County, Florida (September 6, 2017) – Marion County Public Schools and the Marion County Division of Emergency Management have announced school closings and shelter openings in preparation for Hurricane Irma. All Marion County Public Schools will be closed Friday and Monday, September 8 and 11, 2017. Emergency Management will be opening multiple shelters hosted by our local public schools beginning at 5:00 p.m. Friday, Sept. 8.

General Population Shelters:

  • North Marion Middle School (2085 W Highway 329, Citra)
  • Fort McCoy School (16160 NE Highway 315, Fort McCoy)
  • Lake Weir High School (10351 SE Maricamp Road, Ocala)

[Read more…]

Villages Honor Flight

Villages Honor Flight’s fourth flight for 2017 will depart Sept. 6 taking 40 area veterans to Washington , DC .  While in Washington , the veterans will visit Arlington National Cemetery and various war and service memorials. Since the first flight in May 2012, Villages Honor Flight has flown 925 veterans to Washington , D.C.

This flight, the organization’s 35th, includes one WWII veteran, 28 Korean War veterans, eight Korea-era and three Vietnam veterans. (15 Army, 14 Navy, four Marines, and seven Air Force) They live in The Villages, Belleview, Brooksville, Fruitland Park , Lady Lake , Leesburg, Melrose , Mount Dora , Ocala , Silver Springs, Summerfield, and Wildwood.  Villages Honor Flight serves veterans from the Central Florida counties of Lake, Sumter , Marion , Citrus and Hernando. Each veteran has a volunteer guardian to assist him/her during the trip. [Read more…]