False Information about FAIRtax

Florida governor candidate Adam Putnam has endorsed false information about the FAIRtax bill HR 25 as co-sponsored by Ron DeSantis.  FAIRtax is not in addition to the federal income tax.  The FAIRtax is REPLACEMENT tax  for the present income/payroll tax system. Representative DeSantis understands the evils of the present federal income/payroll tax system.

Florida has no state income tax. Unlike other states which have both state income taxes and state sales taxes, the state of Florida receives its revenue from a state sales tax.  This appeals to many who are moving to Florida to escape their states’ income taxes and , more importantly, to have financial liberty.  Residents choose when they pay state sales taxes by their spending habits .  All the while all people who make purchases in the state contribute to the state coffers. What is working best for Florida is also best for the country by having FAIRtax ,the national sales tax, provide the same amount of federal revenue and apply fairly to all citizens.   [Read more…]

The ‘Cost’ of Free Speech

By Tony Powell

Do we have a misunderstanding of the First Amendment which guarantees ‘free speech’?

A County Property Appraiser in Florida asked, “Show me a successful Moslem country?” He has been immediately denounced by the media and others as a ‘Xenophobic Racist’ (I didn’t know that ‘Moslem’ was a ‘race’).

(Definition of xenophobia. : “Fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything that is strange or foreign”).

A Georgia politician reports that she was being ‘attacked’ because she talked to Saudi prince who is ‘Anti-Israel’.

(In Europe, you go to jail for saying that the ‘holocaust’ never happened). Since when was stupidity illegal?) [Read more…]

As I see it

by A.J.(Tony) Powell

“One And Done?”

Will ‘The Donald’ get a second term as President?

Will the actions and decisions of President Donald Trump survive?

Polls show that the American people trust ‘The Donald’ more than any Democrats and most Republicans in Washington D.C.

One pundit said, “It seems that a lot of President Donald Trump’s policies, are likely to last longer than his critics”. [Read more…]

As I See It

by A.J.(Tony) Powell

TRUMPS TARIFFS – The ‘Fake News Media’ talk like President Donald Trump ‘invented’ tariffs, which, of course, is a lie.

The truth? The first protective tariff was passed by Congress back in 1816. Here are a few ‘facts’ along with a couple of opinions. Tariffs have been controversial in the USA for hundreds of years.  Way back in 1828 the infamous “Tariff of Abominations” was created to protect industry in the northern states.

Just like today, northern industries couldn’t compete with low-priced imports. The South, which had no manufacturing industries, labeled the 38% tax on almost all imports (Mostly from Britain) as the ‘Tariff of Abominations’. [Read more…]


by A.J.(Tony) Powell

AS I SEE IT by A.J.(Tony) Powell

Who loves President Donald Trump? – TV Host Don Lemon describes ‘The Donald’ as a ‘crazy, basket case and a sociopath’

TV Talkers Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski shrieking that ‘madman’ Trump would get us into a ‘nuclear showdown.’ On another channel, TV co-host Joy Behar want him ‘impeached’ before he got us all nuked.

Even though his daughter and son-in-law are Jews, Trump is ‘anti-Semitic”and ‘America’s first neo-Nazi president’ according to TV Talkers, Terry Moran and Bob Moser. Then Brian Stelter and Carl Bernstein say that the Trump administration is becoming one of the worst dictatorships in the world. [Read more…]


by A.J. (Tony) Powell

Why Immigration?

Published reports say that 75% of the most wanted criminals out west are illegal aliens.  More than half of the burglaries in California, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas are perpetrated by illegal aliens. Thanks to the incompetence of the Government in Washington DC, Republican and Democrat alike, foreigners have gone up from about 8% to over 13% of the US population.

And ‘illegals’ more than tripled from 3.5 million to over 11 million over the past 20 years. Now even the Republicans are planning to offer ‘amnesty’ to over 3 million of them. Apparently House, Speaker Paul Ryan has said that he will ‘slip an amnesty’ into a spending bill later this year. This, of course, ignores President Trump’s campaign promise to protect America from this ongoing ‘invasion’. [Read more…]

Talking Heads

I’m exasperated listening to all the Talking Heads bleat about Trump’s bombastic, reckless rhetoric being like nothing ever heard before. The idea of meeting serious threats from another nation with strong talk and a willingness to back it up is nothing new at all. In fact, “peace through strength” is as old as time. If you want your adversary to back down, you need to stand with steely spine and present your points with strong conviction.

Here’s a bit of history that the “pusillanimous purveyors of doom” (love Agnew’s ability with words) yammering all over the media seems to have forgotten:

“Si vis pacem, para bellum,” translated as “If you want peace, prepare for war” has been traced to an author in the late 4th century, while the more concise “peace through strength” goes back even further, attributed to Roman Emperor Hadrian (AD 76-138). [Read more…]

Letter from Pat

Now they want Trump to be more like Obama.  Turn your head when it is your people rioting and trashing the town.  Turn it over to him Attorney General who has made it known he will not prosecute blacks.  Only this time it wasn’t blacks it was white nationalist and Nazi’s.

Neo Nazis and White Supremacists and Antifa’s ,  Unfortunately I watched this on TV and both sides of this mess paraded down the streets with clubs and other weapons was this suppose to  be a peaceful protest?  Really.  I watched as they clubbed one another and the police could not stop this?.  Now they are mad because Trump named what they were and they say he should have done something about it, then they could say he shouldn’t have. [Read more…]

“Opioid Epidemic” – Real or Imagined?

by A.J.(Tony) Powell

Tom Price, was chosen by ‘The Donald’ to head up ‘Health and Human Services’. Talking about addicts, recently he claimed that, “Folks need to be cured so they can be productive members of society.”
He continued, “If we’re just substituting one opioid for another, we’re not moving the dial much.”
Seems like he should know that there is currently no cure for addiction.
Even his own government colleagues agree that “Addiction is manageable, but can’t be cured.”
And using ‘milder’, non-lethal drugs, does, at least keep addicts alive and (relatively) healthy.
Opioid-related deaths have more than tripled over the past 15 years. [Read more…]


by A.J.(Tony) Powell

-What is ‘Fake News’?

Here’s a recent headline “Republicans moved forward on health care reform”.

True or false?

The fact is that the Republicans are working overtime to ‘repeal’ ObamaCare.

Another fact is that there is nothing in process which will ‘replace’ ObamaCare.

President Donald Trump promised ‘affordable’ health care insurance for all Americans. [Read more…]