What We Did This Year

Senator Baxley, Florida State Senate

Florida lawmakers filed more than 3,000 bills in 2017 and fewer than 250 passed both chambers of the Legislature before it adjourned its annual session. I filed 39 bills this session. Of those, 8 passed both chambers in their entirety, a few others were passed with language in other larger bills.

We passed SB 312 this year which will require state, county, municipal, or other law enforcement agencies that conduct lineups to follow specified procedures. This provision will minimize cases of misidentification and strengthen cases that have used best practices. The Governor signed this into law on June 14th.

I was able to pass SB 436 this year, which will protect all students and school personnel in their choice of religious expression. This legislation makes it clear that the Legislature supports the constitutional rights of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion for everyone associated with our public school system. This bill protects the expression of all religious beliefs, and protects a student’s decision not to express any religion. The Governor signed this bill into law on June 9th. [Read more…]

Representative Stan McClain’s Statement on Conclusion of 2017 Legislative Session

Tallahassee, FL- With the conclusion of the 2017 Legislative Session, Representative McClain is proud of the unified approach House members took with their fellow House members to solve important issues that affect every day Floridians. He helped to pass meaningful tax cuts including an increase in the Homestead Tax Exemption, which is projected to save Floridians about $644.7 million, because Floridians are better stewards of their dollar than the government. Representative McClain also stood against corporate welfare and supported Florida’s future by voting to increase K-12 spending.

“At the end of Session it was good to see Tax Exemptions and a budget passed that we can work from without causing unnecessary debt, as a fiscal conservative, I can stand behind that.” [Read more…]