As I see it

by A.J.(Tony) Powell

“One And Done?”

Will ‘The Donald’ get a second term as President?

Will the actions and decisions of President Donald Trump survive?

Polls show that the American people trust ‘The Donald’ more than any Democrats and most Republicans in Washington D.C.

One pundit said, “It seems that a lot of President Donald Trump’s policies, are likely to last longer than his critics”.

The Liberals, are crying about ‘Illegal Immigrants’ being separated from the children with them, when they ‘invade’ the USA. But the fact is that many of those ‘kids’ are, in fact NOT the ‘children’ of the adults with them. Their ‘real’ parents down in Central & South America get good money for ‘renting’ out their children to ‘illegal invaders’. Trump is trying to ‘terminate’ that loophole.

Under the leadership of President Trump, the economy has surged. Unemployment is the lowest in decades, and our billion-dollar debts to foreigners will be a lot lower at the end of the ‘Trump Term’ than it was when he took over.

TAX REFORM? Most of the key elements of Trump’s tax legacy are likely to remain in force regardless of who follows him into the White House.

Voters don’t care about deficits, so why raise taxes?

FOREIGN POLICY? All of the so-called ‘expert’s, were against Trumps meeting with North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un, but most Americans thought it was worth a try AND was a success.

Despite the ‘Fake News on T.V. ‘Trump Trade’ between the USA and Europe will not collapse.

In fact, neither Democrats nor Republicans see Europe in general or France or Germany as being important in the long run.

CHINA has been a rising world power since WWII, but, for whatever reason, until President Trump, American Presidents of both parties, have been ignoring the problem for decades.

Now, in fact the Chinese are relaxing their ‘One-Child-Per-Couple’ policy. Coupled with their Global ambitions, China will be ‘exporting’ people more than anything else. And because they are often well-educated, and skilled in technology, we’ll see ‘waves’ of Asian immigrants being welcomed to every continent in the world in the coming years.

THE MIDDLE EAST? – Syria, Palestine, Israel, Afghanistan are a mess, and will stay that way. Even Trump can’t fix them.

Russia has always been a ‘Wanna Be’ world power. So this is an area where Trump appears to be hesitant.

And how much of Europe will Putin grab before Trump says “Enough”?


Is the current U.S. government ‘Anti-Immigrant?

Fact is that Governments around the world, including left-wingers, now see ‘Immigrants” as “Invaders’. It might be that the intensity of anti-immigration sentiment in the USA has helped Republicans take control of all three branches of the federal government.

Most Americans think positively about welcoming ‘immigrants’, But that changes when they are Face-To-Face with an ‘invader’ who is taking their town, their home and their job.

Immigration is a major issue in Europe where they have been unable to come up with a solution.

Fact is, these people do not ‘integrate’. Nor do they want to.

Go to most cities throughout the USA, and you’ll find neighborhoods of these invaders, speaking their own language, eating their own food, practicing their own religions.

You might think that’s ‘OK’, until you, an American, become a foreigner in your own country.

Uncontrolled ‘immigration/invasion’ didn’t work out too well for the ‘Indians’ of the New World, did it?

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